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Protein bar GO ON with cranberry and goji, coated in dessert chocolate, is a delicious bar for made for athletes that wins against standard sweets. Rich in nutritious whey protein WPC 80 and enriched with vitamins, it provides essential nutrients for physically active people. Created for all those who love sports and … a moment of chocolate pleasure with note of fruits. GO ON Protein bar is a fast snack for active people. It reports to the finish line with excellent results:

  • contains protein  23,7% complete protein WPC 80
  • source of 7 vitamins: C, E, niacin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, B6 and B12
  • added inulin (5.2%) – a natural-source pre-biotic
  • source of dietary fiber
  • glucose syrup (instead of fructose or glucose-fructose)
  • unhardened palm oil, obtained from controlled oil palm plantations that do not threaten either tropical forests or their inhabitants