Health Aid Bifina S 30's

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-It contains 5billion Bifidobacterium longum BB536 and 1billion Lactic acid bacteria
-It is a probiotic supplement that improves gut flora, increases immunity & metabolism, and improves digestion or bowel movement
-Suitable for adult especially for people with hyperacidity, slow metabolism, constipation, detox, diarrhea, and after a round of antibiotics
-The probiotic strains are double enteric coated using a proprietary encapsulation technology by Morishita Jintan Co. Ltd Japan, the encapsulated probiotic is designed to effectively deliver the probiotic strains straight to the intestines, where the enteric coat protects the probiotics from saliva, esophageal acid and other gastric acids, for it to be able to reach the intestines, this is where the probiotics will flourish and help improve gut flora.



1. Open and empty whole content inside the mouth. Tasstes like Candy!
2. Advisable to take it during the night time before sleeping.
3. Swallow everything, do not chew. You may drink LUKEWWARM water to help swallow it down.
4. Do not drink hot or waarm beverages. When consuming coffee or alcohol, give a 30minutes gap after taking Health Aid Bifina.
Store Health Aid Bifina inside the refrigerator