Payless Extra Big Chillimansi 130g x 12 Packs

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  • The Payless Xtra Big pancit canton has the taste of the real Pinoy pancit canton - it's really a exact that you like! It's twice the size so it is ideal for Extra Big Hunger. Double the Volume! Double Yummy!
  • When it comes to size, Payless Xtra Big Pancit Canton is the hands-down winner. Buying a pack is like having one and a half of either the first two. It may be the most underrated of the three, but that didn't stop us from feasting on this hunger-buster. The sauce seems to stick to the noodles better than its counterparts, making it tastier, too

Available flavors: Chilimansi, Kalamansi, Sweet and Spicy, Xtra Hot