Sante ORGANIC Oat with Almond Drink with No Added Sugar (Lactose Free)

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Organic Sante oat and almond drink is a product of 100% plant origin, which will delight you with a creamy consistency and a gentle taste. It is made of organic oats, organic almonds and is BIO-certified.

  • no added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars)
  • no artificial additives
  • naturally lactose-free
  • low in saturated fatty acids
  • low in salt
  • 100% vegan – perfect for vegans and vegetarians

The BIO oat and almond drink tastes great on its own. Ideal for adding to coffee and tea (milk and syrup substitute) and for cocktails. Breakfast cereal, FIT cereal, Muesli, Crunchy and Granola with a plant-based drink make a truly delicious, nutritious and quick breakfast. For people with an active lifestyle, for vegetarians and vegans, for everyone who likes to enjoy tasty food!

Ingredients: water, oats * (14%), almond * (3%), emulsifier: lecithin (from sunflower), sea salt * Organic farming product. EU / non-EU agriculture.

May contain soy and other nuts.

Net weight: 1 liter