Sunlight Pro No-Rinse Sanitizer Spray 500ml

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Key Benefits:

• Alcohol(13-22%)

• 99.999% Germ Kill

• Food Safe

• Neutral Formulation

• Designed For Kitchens, Hotels, Food Service, Food Processing

Suitable for use on : All food contact surfaces and equipment in kitchen, food preparation, food processing, fast food, snack bars and catering areas. Can be used as general exterior cleaning and removal/killing bacteria which cause unpleasant odors in bathroom, rubbish bins, drains and on nearly all hard surfaces, but not on unsealed wood and noble stones.

Instruction for use: Simply spray onto pre-cleaned surface, leave for 5 minutes, allow to evaporate. Read label before use. Note:

This product is a no-rinse sanitizer of 200ppm should be used in conjunction with hygiene practices.